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Career as a Blogger – Start your own Blog

Career as a Blogger in India – Start your own Blog

Career as a Blogger in India–Start your own Blog-how to start a blogIf you are thinking to start your own blog then you are in right place. Here we provide you every essential information on How to Start a Blog. The media industry has changed lots in past decade. For bloggers to have become more influential on consumers purchasing decisions, speaks to the importance of why brands need to be reaching out to them to connect with their audience, as much – if not more – than they have done with more traditional media outlets.

The growth of Internet users in the world is expanding rapidly. And, most of the users are engaged full-time in internet and smartphones in a free time. As we know the Internet is the great source of information and most of the time users spend on the internet for searching a new piece of information. And, that’s a reason Blogging is becoming more popular in recent times.


Before taking a step to start your own blog, we have lots of questions in our mind such as How to start a Blog? its advantages and disadvantages, topics etc. But don’t be panic, Times Graduates writes here everything for beginners bloggers. You just have to read carefully.

Is it worth to start a blog?

From our perception, Blogging really worths. To start your own blog on any niche is a nice idea if you have good writing skills. Blogging becomes tremendously popular among unemployed middle-aged students, stay-at-home moms jobs. Many full-time bloggers earnings are very high as compare to their friends’ earnings working in MNCs. But, earnings is not easy for everyone. Thousands of Bloggers stop blogging in mid-way due to fewer earnings and lack of knowledge and patience.

Essential Requirements for Blogging

Blogging is not for everyone. There are some essential requirements needed for blogging. If you have listed below capabilities on you then you can approach for your next step of blogging.

Knowledge in Web Designing and Web Development

You must require experience in web designing and web development. If you want to become a serious full-time blogger then you must require knowledge of Website development. You can’t depend on others if you are writing for your own blog. If any errors occur in your website then you have to resolve it by your own. This is the first reason many of bloggers stop working in mid-way because they can’t resolve minor errors in their websites.

Knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the key to becoming a successful blogger. It is an essential part of blogging and you must require a complete knowledge of SEO otherwise keep writing on blogs is wastage of time. Without SEO you can’t achieve the success and can’t monetize well from your website. SEO is the technique to rank your website well in search engines and attract more visitors. Lack of knowledge in SEO is also a major reason to stop blogging in mid-way by many bloggers.

Good writing skills in English

You must require good writing skills in English and your grammar should me strong. If you lack in English writing skills then first improve it otherwise search engines will stop ranking your websites in organic searches due to improper grammar. Never think about copying content from other websites otherwise your website may block by the search engines.

Good Interests in Writing

This is the important question for yourself, “Do you have Interests in writing on any topic?”. If you have interests in writing then you can proceed further for blogging otherwise don’t prefer it. Most of the blogger keep writing blogs for some months and then quits due to lack of interests and lack of topics. Blogging makes them completely bored and stressed.

Blogging Advantages

No Educational Qualification Requires to start a Blog.

Earn Money Online.

You will be your own Boss.

Work from Any Location.

Improves your Language and Writing Skills.

You will become Expert in your Niche.

Blogging Disadvantages

You have to Work alone Every-time.

Earnings could be very difficult in some stages.

Financial Distress.

Requires Good knowledge in Website Development.


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